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AIBI Maxwell

With a strong tradition in fitness, health and beauty for over 37 years, AIBI embarks on a whole new journey with AIBI Maxwell: The Wellness Playground in the city. We are committed to developing customized programs to help you get the most out of life.​ Situated at 30 Maxwell Road, opposite of Wallich Residence, AIBI Maxwell is a holistic wellness facility devoted to inspiring our community towards life-long wellness. From fitness classes to mindfulness programs,

AIBI Maxwell has various offerings designed for people from all walks of life. 


Wellness Playground in the heart of 

Tanjong Pagar

​​​We envisioned this development to be a vibrant lifestyle destination that integrates Health, Beauty, and Fitness for people to keep fit, stay healthy, and eat well, while experiencing fun and fulfilling activities together in order to achieve Maximum Wellness. As seen from the "Snake and Ladder" motif designs on the zebra crossings leading into our facility, we strongly believe in helping one achieve holistic wellness through a playful yet goal-orientated journey.

The ultimate lifestyle destination in Tanjong Pagar offers a wellness system structured into 6 concepts which include: 
AIBI experiential showroom, Dr Well, RE:GYM, Huggs Collective, 
OnePhysio, Tendy Golf, Maxwell Space

AIBI Maxwell's inclusive ecosystem is structured to accommodate a diverse range of wellness activities and to foster a close-knitted community with similar goals. With a holistic approach, AIBI Maxwell will strive to help one achieve maximum wellness through its goal-orientated programs, world-class facilities, and vibrant communal space. 

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