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Define your wellness here at Dr.Well.

Discover a wide array of wellness-centric group classes and connect with a team of passionate experts to help you elevate and transform your life positively. Experience flow at our yoga and meditation classes, understand your state of mind with our wellness experts and start defining your wellness journey now, at Dr.Well.

Gain a better understanding of your brain health and optimise it through data-driven tests, reviewed by professional therapists. Dr.Well’s programs and facilities help to target stress and fatigue, ultimately improving your sleep, productivity and performance.




01 Wellness Studio

Choose from a wide array of different wellness-focused classes from yoga, breathwork and mindfulness classes.

02 Empower Room

Have a chat with our professional psychologist and get a better understanding of your stress, sleep, fatigue and productivity levels.

Learn how to get to your point B and leave the room feeling empowered.

Therapy Session
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03 Vitality Suite

Tension-relief therapy

Our Vita Chairs are ergonomically-engineered to let you sit comfortably while being active at the same time.

Armed with different modes and programs where you get to adjust the level of intensity according to your preference, feel the muscles in your entire body being activated, relieving all body tension.

04 Hydrotherapy Lounge

Wellness-focused recovery

HydroMassage is an innovative form of water massage that is especially great for stress, muscle soreness, and post-workout recovery. 
Enter into a state of deep relaxation as you experience comfort at its finest.  Our HydroMassage beds increases circulation, reduces anxiety, and relieves stiffness.


05 Senze Room

Understand your mental state

Innovative and data-driven, we use the Senzeband to measure your brain health, including your stress level and productivity.


We work hand-in-hand together with you to improve your habits and help you attain peak performance.

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