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Ease Well

Managing Stress Levels

Do you feel overwhelmed by deadlines? Are you having trouble managing your time and work-life commitments? Most of us know what it's like to be under pressure and having frequent tension headaches. If so, you may like to check-in with us.

About the Class

Participants will learn the use of specific memory and cognitive exercises to improve concentration and alertness.

This class offers an oppoprtunity to learn, understand and apply the knowledge of basic processes embedded within the circuitry of the mind. It will aid participants to apply the knowledge in practical ways, to explore the capacity to cope with the vast amount of information that we are exposed to in today's world.

Mode of Delivery:​

The experiential class will be taught by qualified practitioners that will help you to cope with past and current stressors in order to achieve regular and dynamic rest, in the midst of stressors and work-life demands.

1. Introduction

to the basic structure of the Human Brain

2. awareness

of the basic circuits within the framework of the mind

3. practice

basic cognitive exercises for attention and memory enhancement

4. engage

in developing your daily practice of mind processing techniques

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