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The wellness playground
designed to help you live better.

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   With a strong tradition in fitness, health and beauty, AIBI embarks on a whole new journey with AIBI Maxwell: The Wellness Playground in the city. We are committed to developing customised programs to help you get the most out of life.

   Situated at 30 Maxwell Road, AIBI Maxwell is a holistic wellness facility devoted to inspiring our community towards life-long wellness. From fitness classes to mindfulness programs, AIBI Maxwell has various offerings designed for people from all walks of life.

Wellness that Works. For you, for life.

Your Journey to Maximum Wellness

Here's what you can expect when you are part of the AIBI Maxwell community.


   Our team is highly committed to shaping people from all walks of life to live life to the fullest. Through various professionally planned programs involving fitness, mindfulness and Fitmeal, AIBI Maxwell goes beyond just another gym - it is a place where like-minded individuals gather together with one common goal — to achieve maximum wellness.

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